When Your Project's Lifting Conditions Are Too Complex

Get jack and slide equipment from JMS Crane and Rigging in Billings, MT

If your crane can't get the job done, turn to JMS Crane and Rigging for a jack and slide system.

Jack and slide equipment provides an alternative to a traditional crane. The system can lift, move, weigh and unload your items with ease. Call JMS Crane and Rigging today at (406) 606-2754 to rent our jack and slide rigging equipment.

Is your job at a standstill?

Is your job at a standstill?

Keep your project on time and within budget with jack and slide equipment from JMS Crane and Rigging. A jack and slide system:

  • Is great in remote locations
  • Enables greater flexibility to maneuver in tight situations
  • Is a safe on-site resource
  • Is a cost-effective choice because of lower transportation costs

Enjoy the benefits of a jack and slide system at your job site. Hire JMS Crane and Rigging as soon as possible for jack and slide delivery services. We are based in Billings, MT but are equipped to travel across North America to meet our clients' needs.